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Higher education is a transformational experience. Please help widen access and increase diversity at SOAS by donating to the Opportunities Fund.

The SOAS Opportunities Fund supports talented students who may be the first in their family to go to university, come from schools or areas with low participation in higher education, or face other barriers to accessing higher education.

Financial circumstances and background should not prevent anyone from accessing higher education. Last year, SOAS Director, Baroness Valerie Amos set up the SOAS Opportunities Fund to provide financial support to those students in greatest need. She has also donated £30,000 through the Mastercard Foundation, committing her support for 10 students each year, for their three years at SOAS and we now need your support.

You can help to create opportunities for students who have potential, but lack the resources to realise this through higher education. Education has the power to transform individuals, and the people and places around them and we are committed to ensuring that students are supported once they start at SOAS.

Valerie Amos is also leading a UK wide initiative to tackle the BME attainment gap in higher education and the SOAS Opportunities Fund supports students from low-income and BME backgrounds, who are facing financial difficulties.

By making a gift you will give all students from all backgrounds the opportunity to succeed. Many students from low-income background struggle financially and your support will alleviate the pressures they face and ensure real equality of opportunity.

Education has never been more important in our ever-changing world. In the current economic climate, it is difficult for many students to make this investment in their future. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Living costs and fees can deter otherwise brilliant candidates from taking up their place at university, or sometimes mean that students cannot complete their studies due to financial pressures.

Our vision is for an inclusive, outward-looking SOAS that promotes tolerance, equality and understanding. Together, the SOAS community can help open up opportunities for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.

You can support our students by making a gift, or sharing this page with your networks to help us raise £50,000 to widen access and increase diversity at SOAS.

"For me, the Opportunities Fund meant extra stability. It meant I could stay in supported accommodation for as long as I needed, it gave me access to a network of friends and supporters, in all the hecticness of student life in London and not having my family for help". - Destiny

"Opportunities Fund has meant that I can still volunteer whilst studying my degree. SOAS has provided me with encouragement, support and sense of community that is unwaveringly valuable while studying in a big, beautiful and diverse city". - Elbe

Opportunity Fund recipients with SOAS Director (centre) Baroness Valerie Amos CH

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